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What is the Membership?

We want to show our gratitude to our clients by offering a free membership status to those on a recurring schedule.


Who is this for?

For our customers who want to enjoy the benefits of keeping their car protected & looking great all year round. With our Membership program, customers can choose their own schedule and enjoy benefits such as a free detail, polishing, sealants and much more!


How do I become a Member?

Automatically earn Member status by setting up a recurring monthly or bi-monthly detail schedule. Members receive a free detail every 12th appointment. Every detail is full service, with additional services included. This helps to ensure your vehicle is maintained in good condition and is properly protected. 

Why should I consider recurring details?


There are many benefits to having your vehicle detailed regularly. These include: maintaining and protecting the paint, removing scratches and bonded contaminants. Getting rid of allergens, dust and bacteria, providing a clean and fresh cabin. Keeping leathers in great condition, and aiding the condition & value of your vehicle, combating depreciation. And it just looks so good when it's clean!

What's included?

At no extra cost, we offer:


Buff & Polish

When needed, we will take care of minor scratches, swirls, oxidation and more



Windshield & glass, paint and wax sealants for optimum protection. (excludes Ceramic Coating)


Steam Cleaning

Sometimes a little heat is needed to extract the mess. We've got you covered


Priority Scheduling

  Flexible and Member first scheduling



We add premium ceramic blended wax, protecting your paint from the elements


Leather Care

Our premium leather care and spot healing


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